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33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment 

We are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some more of them with you.


Okay but the real question is whether or not Steven’s fusions with the gems would be the same as Rose’s fusions with the gems.

Because he literally has her gem, but…. the gem looks darker and also he has his own personality and appearance.

So are the fusions named the same but now look and act different?
Are the fusions just completely different?
Are certain fusion gems technically ‘dead’ now because Rose doesn’t exist to help form them?

There’s a lot of questions here.

Well I would think they would be different, provided Steven can properly fuse. We know that Steven’s Gem weapon is a shield, in contrast to his mother’s sword. So if his Gem powers manifest differently than Rose’s then I think the fusions would be different



"It worries me how racist the Disney fandom is. Seriously, someone brings up the fact that Frozen has no POC and the racist people come out of the woodworks. It’s also upsetting that a lot of people don’t want more POC in the line up"

Because GOD FORBID a fairytale set in Scandinavia has white people. Le shock. Le horror.

And if you want more POC in the lineup, TALK WITH YOUR DAMN MONEY.

Buy Tiana merchandise. Buy Facilier merchandise. Buy Lilo and Nani merchandise. Buy Pocahontas and Mulan merchandise. Buy Jasmine merchandise. Buy Aladdin merchandise. Buy Esmeralda merchandise. Buy Kuzco merchandise. Buy Kenai and Sitka and Denahi merchandise. Buy Mowgli merchandise. Buy Russell merchandise.

Because that’s what Disney and big corporations like it listen to.

Oh, and it’s cute how the character used here is Esmeralda, my personal favourite ever Disney character, who was kicked out of the lineup because she wasn’t popular enough, has ZERO merchandise, and has practically been forgotten except among the nerdiest of Disney nerds. Even the people working at the freaking Disney Store and at Disney theme parks don’t remember the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

But no, don’t think about that, bitch about how a film set in one of the whitest areas of Earth has no POC instead of showing support for the POC that have actually been a part of the Disney lineup and proving that you actually care about the issue.

But that’s what always happens - cry and whine and bitch and then when a character that meets your criteria comes along lose all interest after two seconds so you can cry and whine and bitch some more next time you find an excuse.

No, it doesn’t matter that Elsa is the first disabled/ mentally ill Disney princess, or that at the end she doesn’t magically get better, or that the movie says “hey kids, sometimes there are people that are broken in the brainpan, and they can be outcasts and unhappy and scared and odd, but that’s OK, they are still people, even good people, and it’s OK to love them and to BE them”. It doesn’t matter that Rapunzel realistically portrays emotional/ psychological abuse of a child by its caregiver.

All that matters is their skin colour.


Anonymous asked:

Youre just being an asshole and hating on SMC because thats what everyone else is doing.


let me ask you, my anonymous friend, WHY do you think “everyone else” is hating on smc?

because they’re all butthurt nerds who have their nostalgia goggles on too tight? because they’re somehow jealous of your super cool anime? because they just don’t fucking like sailor moon?

maybe a few of those reasons might be true for a few of the people who are complaining about it. sure.

but the main reason people are pissed off about/making fun of smc is because they’re disappointed. and rightfully so. there is NO EXCUSE for this measure of ineptitude by the animation staff - not when it comes to an anime like sailor moon. people were hopeful and excited for the reboot when it was announced (YEARS ago i might add), and it hasn’t lived up to shit. it’s a blatant slap in the face. it’s an outright cashgrab, capitalizing on the love and nostalgia people felt for the original sailor moon. a reboot for an iconic show like sailor moon could have had all the budget in the damn world, and they CHOSE to make it as cheaply as possible, with staff that is pretty obviously inexperienced. 

i’ll repeat my earlier post once more - people who are defending this show are doing a disservice to everyone who loves sailor moon. acting like there isn’t any sort of problem, trying to defend every erroneous action toei takes, people screaming at the top of their lungs “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH IT!!!!!” - none of that is going to help. these people are literally just sending a message to the team who is making this show that it is 150% OKAY to butcher the shit out of a beloved franchise to make a quick dollar or two. they are feeding you shit and you are eating it and enjoying it and telling them “yes please sir please give me more shit i love it so much”

i am 200 billion percent behind people watching crystal and being entertained by it and getting enjoyment out of it. that’s awesome, man. watch whatever you want. but shutting your eyes and plugging your ears and insisting “THE OLD SHOW HAD ANIMATION ERRORS TOO, YOU’RE JUST BUTTHURT BECAUSE NOSTALGIA” is SUPER FUCKING DUMB. pretending there isn’t a problem and getting pissed off at people who actually acknowledge the problem and talk about it just makes you look like a complete jackass. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO LIKE SOMETHING AND ALSO HAVE VALID CRITICISMS OF IT. you can enjoy something while acknowledging its flaws. and good lord, sailor moon crystal has plenty of flaws to acknowledge.

Please read





Please stop insulting the animators for sailor moon crystal. They don’t deserve it. They are probably stressed, over tired, and working non stop to produce episodes every two weeks, maybe even working on the project…

I love how the OP felt the need to say the animators take time out of their day to work on Crystal. Umm, probably because that’s their job??? This is a professional company with (presumably) professional animators, they can’t just say “oh I don’t feel like working on that anime today. I’ll do it tomorrow”, at least not if they don’t want to get fired anyway.

Also I am dying over the fact that Crystal apologists are sinking so low as to impersonate a Toei animator. Like, are you really that butt devastated about people pointing out the glaringly obvious faults of this anime that you need to go THAT far to try and stop it? What the hell is wrong with you? I’m almost starting to think that the vocal Crystal apologists have a few screws loose and that’s why they’re so adamantly screaming ” STOP HATING WHAT I LIKE”.

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